A Plastic Mind and a Rubber Soul…What?!

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Yes, that’s right. Retirement isn’t JUST about dollar and cents (although that’s certainly a central issue!); it’s about how you’ll stay engaged, vital, and sharp, and to do that, author Jeremy Olshan suggests you’ll need a plastic mind and a rubber soul, among other things. Read more.

Congratulations on Your Retirement…Now, Don’t Go Broke!

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Being newly retired is definitely a reason to celebrate — and spend — some of the hard-earned money you’ve saved over the years.

Yet with Americans living longer, experts say you need to plan for a retirement that could last 30 years or more. Add in ever-rising medical costs, mostly stagnant Social Security checks and all of a sudden that pile of cash doesn’t look so big.
Authors Katie Young and Sharon Epperson lay out some rookie mistakes to avoid so that you don’t run out of money iin retirement.Click here to read the full article and view the video from CNBC.

Don’t Allow Parental Guilt to Spoil Your Retirement!

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How to balance college for kids versus your retirement…

Kids can avoid supporting parents tomorrow by paying their own tuition today.  Author Andrew Osterland says “our ‘shaming culture’ for parents can lead to disastrous financial results, and that  controlling instinctive parental guilt is key.”

Read more of what Andrew Osterland from CNBC has to say about this vexing problem confronted by many families.