Congress Enacted Major Retirement Plan Legislation – Here’s What You Need To Know About the SECURE Act

January 29, 2020 | posted in: Accountants, Blog, Plan Sponsor Corner | by

The SECURE Act is the most significant retirement plan legislation in 13 years, and many of its provsions are effective in 2020.  It affects employers who currently sponsor retirement plans, and encourages those without plans to set them up.  It also impacts plan participants, IRA holders and their beneficiaries, and expands the uses of 529 college savings plans.   Read More  »

The SECURE Act and Your Retirement

January 10, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

You may have heard about the SECURE Act, but do you know about these 6 ways it might affect your retirement?  Learn more here.

Roth IRA Conversions Can Deliver Some Hidden Benefits

December 27, 2019 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

Roth IRAs can be an appealing option for retirement savings; NOW may be a great time to consider making the move to a Roth.  Read more from Sarah O’Brien to learn why.

Is Rising Debt Affecting Retirement Decisions?

December 10, 2019 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

Swelling numbers of Americans these days are working in retirement, taking part-time jobs and launching businesses. They’re also, however, breaking the mold in a potentially worrisome direction: embracing debt.  This is a troubling trend; here’s some advice about what to do about it, via Chris Farrell.

Thinking About Relocating To Trim Retirement Expenses?

November 18, 2019 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

Some folks nearing retirement think about relocating to trim expenses; here are some “hidden” costs to consider as you weigh your options.

Think Virtual Reality Is Just For Kids?

November 12, 2019 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education, Plan Sponsor Corner | by

Not so fast…some companies are using it to help plan retirement!  VR and online visual aids are giving workers a better idea of how much they need to save; read more about how.