Help Supercharge Your Clients’ Tax Savings For 2020!

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And Help Them Maximize Their Retirement Savings, Too!
Make Sure Your Clients Have Maximized their 401(k) Deferrals for 2020
As the year draws to a close, it is a great time to remind your clients to maximize their 401(k) deferrals. For this year, plan participants can contribute up to $19,500; if 50 or over they can contribute an additional $6,500.
Let us help your client establish a tax-deductible qualified retirement plan.
At Frye Retirement Planning, we use state-of-the-art design techniques to maximize owner/key employee benefits and lower overall plan costs.

$57,000 allocation for each owner in 401(k)/profit sharing plans. If 50 or older, up to $63,500 can be funded into 401(k).
Potentially up to $300,000 max contributions for small business owners in Cash Balance/Defined Benefit plans (depends on age and service).
Uni-K plan to maximize deductions for self-employed, owner-only, partners or owner-spouse business owners with low W-2 wages (i.e. deduct $29,500 with only $40,000 in wages; if 50 or older, deduction increases to $36,000).

Don’t delay – contact our office now to learn how we can help maximize your clients’ tax savings.

How people get as much as 88% more from Social Security!

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Many people may be unaware of the impact various decisions can have on their ultimate social security benefit amount. Timing of election, work income, taxes, spousal benefits, etc., must all be considered in effective social security benefit planning.
Regarding the timing of elections, for example, according to a recent study covered by CNBC, someone who retires and begins claiming Social Security at age 70 would receive a benefit that’s 76 percent higher than the one he or she would receive at age 62. The CNBC piece points out that if you factor in late-career earnings replacing a zero-income year, the increase can become as much as 88 percent for women and 82 percent for men.
At Frye Retirement we are familiar with the complicated algorithms, and can crunch the numbers and guide you with any of your social security planning questions. For the full CNBC piece click here:  how to get 88% more from social security.

There’s still time for 2016 tax savings…but it is running out!!

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With proper 401(k) retirement plan design techniques, clients can reduce taxes, improve owner benefits, and lower employee costs:

$53,000 individual deduction limits for 401(k)/profit sharing plans.  If 50 or older, up to $59,000 can be funded into 401(k).
Contributions of up to $300,000 for small business owners in Defined Benefit plans (depends on age and service).
IRS tax credit of $500 per year for the first 3 years of the plan for installation and administrative costs if your client has employees.
Uni-K plan to maximize deductions for self-employed, owner-only or owner-spouse business owners with low W-2 wages (i.e. deduct $28,000 with only $40,000 in wages; if 50 or older, deduction increases to $34,000.

DON’T DELAY:  Plans must be adopted by December 31, 2016 (but plans don’t have to be funded until 2017).