Why Men Have 7x More Saved For Retirement…

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…And seven steps women can take to make sure they are financially secure.

“Women on average make only $0.82 for every dollar a man makes, but when broken down the wage gap reveals additional complexities relating to race, education and other socioeconomic factors,” writes Elizabeth Gravier. “When it comes to saving for the future, women’s average total retirement savings is just $23,000, whereas men’s average total retirement savings is over three times higher at $76,000.” Read more to see seven steps women can take today to become more familiar with their finances and improve their relationships with money.

Select Carefully: Social Security Selections Matter, Especially for Women

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Social Security was created in the 1930s for a different era; now women are impacted more adversely if they make the wrong claiming choices.  Make sure you understand these issues; click here to learn more.

As If Becoming A Widow Weren’t Hard Enough…

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Good retirement planning factors in women living longer, but rarely addresses steps for handling finances when widowed.  Here are some things you should think about, just in case.

Married Women Make This Mistake with their Social Security; Are You?

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A big gender gap exists in Social Security wealth because of married women’s retirement decisions, a National Bureau of Economic Research study found.
“Women tend to marry older men and to retire around the same time as their husbands even though they also live longer, on average, than men and may have had shorter careers because of childbearing.
By retiring early, the paper says, women often forego both substantial future earnings and significant amounts of prospective Social Security benefits that they would have received if they had worked longer.”
Click here to read the full article from Michael Fischer.

Retiring Too Early Can Derail Women the Most

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As Ryan Gosling might say, “Hey girl…Don’t retire too early!”  While retiring early has financial impacts for anyone, women seem to be affected the most, given that they live, on average, longer than men, and retire, on average, earlier than men.  Read on to learn more, and see how you can plan accordingly.

How Important Are Retirement Savings? very, verrrry, VERY!!

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How important is saving for retirement? The Social Security Administration’s new study makes the answer pretty clear: very.

The biennial “Income of the Aged” report released this spring examines the retirement income of more than 34 million households, married and single, to produce a financial snapshot of those 65 and older in 2014, the most recent available data.

Savers have nearly doubled the annual income in retirement than nonsavers.
When a household is reduced to one person, income may decrease dramatically.
Income often decreases as a household ages.

Click here to read more about why savings now matter, especially for women.