Our Services

The goal of the expert team at Frye Retirement Planning (FRP) is to assist you in maximizing tax advantaged retirement savings opportunities and to provide seamless installation, administration and servicing of your qualified retirement plans.

Whether you are a business owner, professional,  HR officer, plan fiduciary,  or CFO, you can rely on the FRP specialists to meet and exceed your retirement plan consulting needs.

Frye Retirement Plan and Design | Miami, FL

Plan Design & Installation

  • Thorough review of your needs and any existing plan, including fee structure.
  • Creation of customized plan service package to meet your goals.
  • Ability to use weighted cross tested or new comparability features.
  • Plan implementation, document preparation, and enrollment execution.

Frye Retirement Plan Administration and Ongoing Services | Miami, FL

Plan Administration & Ongoing Services

  • Annual Forms such as 5500; signature ready preparation.
  • Accounting/Reconciliation.
  • Discrimination Testing.
  • Ensuring plan remains compliant with changing legislation and company changes.
  • Amendment and Reinstatement as needed/required.
  • Oversight of audits and obtaining Letters of Determination.
  • Employee Payouts.

Frye Retirement Fiduciary Support | Miami, FL

Fiduciary Support

  • Retirement plan sponsors and fiduciaries are obligated to remain complaint with the law while providing cost-effective financially sound retirement plans.
  • Guidance with all requirements including:
    • Exclusive Benefit Rule
    • Prudent Man/Expert Rule
    • Investment Diversification
    • Compliance of the Plan Document

Frye Retirement Employee Education and Servicing | Miami, FL

Employee Education and Servicing

  • Providing employee education, enrollment kits, and conducting enrollments.
  • Handling loans requests and calculations.
  • Termination Distributions.
  • Consulting Services.