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How Are the Pandemic and Recession Impacting Social Security Benefits?

October 20, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

The three-legged stool of retirement planning is the idea that Social Security, your personal savings and a pension or employer-sponsored 401(k) should work together to give you a stable retirement. However, none of these is expected to work on its own, even in the best of times. Social Security benefits play an important role in retirement security, and they are being impacted by current events in several ways.  Learn more from Kiplinger.

Don’t Let Confusion About Medicare Ruin Your Retirement

October 8, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

As you approach your retirement, it’s easy to be befuddled by Medicare. “With different coverage options, confusing enrollment deadlines and disparate cost-sharing among beneficiaries, ending up with faulty assumptions isn’t hard.  However, some mistaken beliefs can be more costly than others,” points out Sarah O’Brien.  Read more.

Think You Can’t Save For Retirement? Think Again!

October 1, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

Making these small spending and savings changes can help you reach your goal of a better retirement.  Check out these 10 easy suggestions via Richard Quinn.

Pension Tension: Weigh Your Options

September 23, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

Can’t decide how to take your retirement benefits? Lump sum vs. lifetime payments: read more about the pros and cons of each from Sarah O’Brien. 

These 5 Mistakes Could Cost You!

August 25, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education | by

If you’re already using a 401(k) for retirement savings, that’s great. Make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes which could have a significant impact over the life of your 401(k) and on your retirement!

How Is Covid Affecting 401(K) Participants?

August 19, 2020 | posted in: Blog, Employee Education, Plan Sponsor Corner | by

According to this Schwab survey, COVID-19 has exacerbated anxiety about and increased the amount 401(k) participants said they’d need for retirement savings.  Read more.