Social Security Seminar

“Social Security Planning – What Accountants Need To Know”


Close up of social security application
Let Us Help You Better Serve Your Clients & Build Your Business

As more of your clients approach retirement age, the ability to correctly answer their Social Security related questions and to guide them in their social security election decisions will become increasingly important to your practice.

There are numerous factors that can affect benefit amounts such as timing of election, work income, taxes, spousal benefit, etc. In order to guide clients in decision making that can help them maximize their overall lifetime benefits, and to position yourself as a knowledgeable professional/resource in this vital area, it behooves you to become well versed on all the intricacies of social security options, special provisions and planning.

As the baby boomer generation approaches retirement, clients will be asking more and more Social Security related questions and will be looking to those professionals who are knowledgeable in this vital planning area.

Through our informative presentation, our goal is to assist you in:

  • Enhancing your reputation as a trusted resource for clients’ key retirement planning
  • Fostering client trust and loyalty
  • Generating business and gaining referrals